Mr. McCrory runs a business called McCrory Publishing which is a graphic art and digital printing business. This is what he had to say.

Mr. McCrory went to school at Leo high school which is located in Leo Indiana. He loved art and took as many art classes as possible and ended up with 10 credits to many in art when he graduated. After high school he went on to technical school at Phoenix Institute of Technology which had a program in art, more specifically a commercial art program. Mr. McCrory had a few jobs in the art industry but quickly became over qualified. He eventually went into business in the marketing and sales industry for a time.

Mr. McCrory went into creating McCrory Publishing as a sole proprietor because there was a need for it. “Before I started McCrory Publishing there were people coming to me asking me to make post cards, business cards, wedding cards, and etc. I started McCrory Publishing in 2001 as a printing broker.” As a printing broker Mr. McCrory created the look that the customers wanted for their business cards and other such products. He would then outsource and send the designs to other Larger Print Companies to have the designs printed. Mr. McCrory choose this particular profession because it was a blend of everything that he has learned in the work force as well as what he has learned in school. He felt it was a natural choice he also loves to do it.

One of the many challenges that Mr. McCrory faced while in business was the introduction of the computer. Going from hand drawing products to creating custom designs on the computer was a big challenge for him. Although, it was a real challenge for him making that transition he feels that it was a great asset. He feels that it was a benefit because he was able to grow with the technology. “This is what I tell everyone who asks what I’have learned. You have to be a MacGyver, a Jack of all Trades. You have to wear many hats. You can’t give up.”

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